Monday, December 5, 2011

Some Vow? I Abandoned This Blog Like a Pregnant Cat

Which I would never do by the way.  First of all, I would take said pregnant cat into my home and care for her and her brood.  Also, my cat wouldn't get pregnant in the first place because we are spayer/neuterers.  Can you believe people don't?  There are a lot of free programs.  Plus if you get an animal from the shelter (where you should, because wouldn't it be nice if there weren't the need for shelters?) it will already be fixed.

Enough soapboxing.

So what am I angry about lately?  I have a cold.  I hate being sick.  I find it a personal attack on my person.  Christmas is coming.  I hate Christmas.  So much work for people (read my sister's kids and well, really my kids too) who have so much stuff they don't even want anything.  Well, my one niece wants an iPad and the other a car.  Seriously not buying those.  I am also angry because I am working on paintings for Chicken and Bubby's rooms and the Chicken painted on hers, and Bubby's too.  Can you imagine?  Shows me I should put my stuff away.

So, what I really wanted to talk about is my Husband's butt. And mine too.  We haven't worked out for awhile.  Me, since before Chicken's arrival and the Mr. since last  spring.  I am waiting for the Chicken to sleep through the night and he wants to be home helping out (yes, 95% of the time he is Mary Poppins, practically perfect in every way).  The hard thing is we are fairly thin people.  He mostly works out to keep himself heavier. (OK, let's talk about that.  Really?  He has to work out so that he isn't puny.  Most people (me included, I just watch what I eat) gain without working out.  It isn't fair.  He also has a photographic memory and is right 90% of the time.  And always dressed well.)  Anyway, his butt.  It still looks pretty good, but I worry if he doesn't work out soon, he'll be on his way to "old man flat butt".  Now, I would never tell him his butt is getting flat.  That would be cruel right?  IF he asked what would I say?  I think I would say he looks good. 

That brings me to my real point.  Is the Mr. glossy over my shortcomings?  I am very concerned that my butt is saggy.  OK, OK, my boobs are too, but that is why they have bras.  No bras for butts.  I need some squats right?  Or at least some cardio.  So, when I say something, he always says I look good.  Hmmmm.....  IS he being glossy?  OI am hard on myself.  Since turning 40 and being a mom to one that doesn't sleep, I look, well, closer to my actual age than I did before the Chicken.  So, I am concerned that I actually do look as bad as I think and my husband is just trying to make me feel less ugly.

Do I fess up in hopes that it brings us closer?  Or do I keep my mouth shut and re-join the gym?