Saturday, December 28, 2013

Since I am on a roll....

I will just post again.  The Chicken has hads a fever for two days.  Not a high fever, just kind of a not-a lot-of -energy fever.   Both her and the Bub have runny noses.  I feel as if I am fighting it off.  You know, because I need another illness.  The Chicken had a bit of intestional upset tonight, so I am hoping that it was the only occurence, I don't want her (or me) having a bad night.  Really, I want everyone better so we can get out of the house.  I hate being couped up.  I didn't even dress today - just like my girls.

Apparently, after reading the last paragraph, I NEED to get out of the house.  I am losing my snark.  That and I am loing any desire to have sex.  Really not my usual self.

Here is a mini rant.  Why is it when Mr. Angry Mommy is with the kids, they find their own thing to do.  When it is just me, like we he went out to work in the garage and I sat down to do the Chickensbirthday  invites, the girls immediately need something.  Or this morning on his way out the door for bootcamp, they started whining and fighting?  I think they hate me.

There is much more to rant about including my sister and her double standardy ways.  But, if I am going to keep up this hot roll, I better save some material.

Like how my lovely neighbors put up the "ice arena" again.  Or how the husband goes out at 10pm to shovel it.  Why so late?  Because she is a shrew and he is escaping.  I just heard him scraping something outside.  At 9:50.  Come on, he couldn't do it when the sun was up?

Friday, December 27, 2013

Merry Christmas To All, Can you Believe I had a Sick Night?

I guess that what happens when your an angry mommy right?  As someone who really doesn't enjoy the Christmas season, it seems only fitting that I would throw up all night and into Boxing Day.  I either ate too much rich food - (I really only eat meat and veggies, tons of food issues) or I had food poisoning or stomach flu.   The TMI is nothing digested.  To put a positve spin on it, I slept all of the 26th, meaning I made up all the sleep I missed out on prepping for Christmas.  And I have a UTI.  On Christmas Eve I called 2 of my doctors, neither were there so I hit the minute clinic.  I thought I might have a UTI, but I didn't have the normal symptoms.  Basically my kidneys hurt and I had some pelvic pressure.  I haven't had an infection in 20+ years.  I still am not sure how I got it.  I went through all the possible causes, and the only thing I can figure is last weekend I didn't use the loo after sex.  ONE TIME.  Seriously.  Aren't you glad you logged on to read this blog today?  

Other than all my Merry Medical Christmas issues, it was a pretty good holiday.  The girls loved visitng with the cousins (they were all home from various points around the world) and my sister (and her husband too) on Christmas Eve. Grandpa and his wife came over Christmas morning for a late breakfast.  Then my sister and her family came over for more fun with the cousins.  

I had plenty to rant about - you know, like the Barbie Mega Blocks my sister gave the Chicken had well over a billion pieces that I had to put together - but other than the sickness (at least no one else got it) I will let it all wash over me.  There were many moments that almost make Christmas worth it.  The dogs may have gotten into a fight, even though Santa brought each one of them a bone, but they only ripped my pants and only one dog was bleeding....  See Christmas miracles do still happen.

Monday, December 23, 2013

I am such an Angry Mommy, so why don't I post more often?

Mostly, because I am a tired mommy and I think I things to rant about then forget.  There are all kinds of things, but lets talk about the reason for the season - Christmas - and all its associated work.  And how much I can't accomplish.  Because Thanksgiving was late.  What have I made you ask?  NOTHING.  OK, I made some carmel corn for some of the teachers (like the gymnastics and swimming and karate and all the specials the kids get at school.  Not the main teachers.) and I added a 10$ gift card.  Is that enough?  That is part of the problem.  You want to appreciate everyone, but crap, I am going broke.  I was going to make all these ornaments.  Hardy fucking har.  I made one myself and Beavis made snowman ornaments for her teachers (instead of popcorn.  The school wont let them have fun things to eat at their parties, so no fun things to eat for the teachers.  For their Christmas , I mean Holiday party they had cuties  (clementines), fruit snacks and apple juice.  I jug for 25 thirsty kids.  I hate apple juice, it is just junk, don't bill it as healthy you know.  Anyway, I was concerned  it wasn't enough, (and it wasn't) but the PTO woman assured me the cups were small and they could get water from the fountain.  WOW, isn't that a great way to celebrate?  Hey, I can easily get into the ranting swing of things YEAH!

OK, you know what I hate, bloggers that think they are cute with these words: anywho, whilst, bestie, cray cray, prezzie, brekkie.  Know what else?  Sponsored posts.  Especially the ones where you think you are reading some heartfelt story and it ends up an ad for Visa.  And in my other life, I read craft and sewing and art blogs and I hate bad ideas.  Yeah, I know, maybe someone thinks they are not bad ideas, or bad patterns or just plain ugly clothes.  But they are.  I am here to tell you I have seen some horribly ugly stuff.  And how do those women do it all?  I know this is a popular cry out there.  You an plainly tell I am not the best blogger.  I don't mind doing it, espeically this blog because there are no photos or links, it is basically me bitching in stream of consciousness, but it is not more importannt than sleeping or watching a show with my husband at night or taking a bath togethe.  Or spending time with my girls (which, despite m lack of blogging, I don't think I do enough of).  Do these crafty women have super nappers (that is a another rant, my saintly husbnad is the only napper in this house) or do they stay up all night?  I have snacks to make, laundry to do, books to read out loud, chocolate to buy and eat and Elf to move around, dogs to feed (remind me to rant on how dumb I am that I switched out dog to expensive raw food then went and got another dog.  Doubled my food costs to 100$ a week.  Yeah, this Ranting Mommy is a knucklehead.) and checking accounts to balance.  And my Christmas cards?  Well, some went out last week but I ran out of stamps and need more to send the rest.

One more unrelated rant.  We have no groceries.  I mean, no eggs, no greens, no GF crispy chicken and no whipping cream for hot chocolate.  No brow sugar, no apples, no cucumbers, no broccoli.  It is the 23rd and I have to go to the market.  I am an idiot.  Now, if  I hadn't spent so much money earlier in December on stuff for us (sales get me every time and we need shoes and coats and clothes, right?) I wouyld take advantage of the Whole Foods personal shopper who just shops then brings it out to your car.  How lovely right?  Except since we have no food and a potential $500 bill, that is a 100$ charge for the personal shopping.  Yeah, I still have a gift to buy.  Remind me to rant about my lack of fiscal responsibility.......

Oh and about the bumfucks that live beind me and their cheap ass, ugly ice rink.