Friday, March 30, 2012

I wish I could give this blog a chance! And why I hate the Pet Sitter

This poor blog.  I don't even know why I think I should try, when I have another blog that also gets ignored.  It is just that I lay there at night with a rant on my mind, and I think  "Wow, this would be a great rant for my little ranting blog."  I had a whole rant on this blog post, where the husband tells his wife that it is her job to get up in the middle of the night with their sick kids.  You know, 'cause he works.  Thank god, I do not have a husband that thinks this way.  We take turns - even when it comes to letting the dog out in the middle of the night.  So, I can't rant about my husband (well, not on this matter.  But should we discuss the PayPal bill?).   As I read through some of the comments, there were women that agreed with the husband.  Really?  Am I burning my nursing bra alone?  Some of my friends have husbands that don't pull their weight around the house, and I always wonder why they put up with it.  Or, the husbands go out to a bar until 4 in the morning and are passed out wearing a crown during breakfast.  Seriously? Come Saturday and Sunday, my husband better be on his A game to help with Frick and Frack.  I spend all week with the little noise makers.   Sometimes it is nice to shower without a little head peeking in and asking for help to go potty.

OK, now the Pet Sitter.  We have (or had) 2 dogs, 2 cats and a turtle.  So, when we went away for our spring holiday, I didn't want to board the animals. One, it was very expensive.  Two, one of our dogs is 15, and I thought she would be more comfortable (and be less confusing) if she were at home.  So, I asked the vet for recommendations.  I called three people, one of which called me back right away.  The others, not so much.  One called, said she would call back when she had her schedule (never did ) and the other called about a week after I left the message.  Anyway, I chose  Pet Sitter, even though when I saw her she was old and, well, not in the best of shape.  But, I was saving money and my girls would be home.  Well,  She called me the morning we were coming home and said there was bad news.  One of my cats went out the night before, wouldn't come in, so when Pet Sitter came back in the morning, my cat was dead outside, by herself.  Devastated, to say the least.  Then we came home, opened the front door to a puddle of urine, with a chewed up dog bed in the middle.  Plus the smell of urine everywhere, a chewed up couch cushion (couch is less than a month old), poop.  It was horrible.  Our house keeper came the next morning and let us know when she came Tuesday (we came home Thursday evening) morning at 8am, the dogs ran out, and the house was a mess of urine and poop.   It took 4 scrubbings to get the smell out of our brick hall and foyer.  I haven't paid her yet ($15 a visit).  I haven't called her, I don't know what to do.  The dogs haven't peed in the house since we've been home.  Pet Sitter was supposed to come 4 times each day.  House Keeper  was there at 8, but Pet Sitter didn't come until 1pm.  Did Pet Sitter come at 7am and the dogs were still sleeping?  So, needless to say, I will either board them next time or maybe House Keeper will stay or watch them herself.  I trust her with my actual children, so that would probably be a better bet.  Makes me wished we never moved from our old house, because Old Neighbor was the best pet sitter.  And free.