Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What is Modest Clothing?

One of the worst things about blogging rants is that there is never a computer around when I feel the rant coming on.  I use the computer in the kids playroom to do my ranting, and really, I do avoid coming up here unless absolutely necessary. 

Anyway, I read this blog, Lil Blue Boo (the woman is deserving of her own rant someday, but not today because I won't rant about someone who has faced great tragedy and keeps on keeping on, if only I were so positive but then I would be writing this drivel would I.  OK, here is a little juice about Lil Blue Boo, everyone who comments blows sunshine from their ass.  Lil Boo posted a photo of herself in a hat with dreadlocks, and people were falling over themselves to comment on how wonderful she looked in it.  Now, Ashley is attractive and she pulls bald off very well, and while a hat is fine, the dreadlocks were horrid.  I am sorry, there are very few people who can and should sport them.  A white girl from California is not one.)  and she has a sponsor that sells clothes that are MODEST.  What the hell does that mean?  Their tag is Modern Modest Clothing.  The owner writes that we are all so busy looking for modest clothing is a hassle.  OH MY GOD!  The site, noVae, shows a scoop neck top, a camisole and a skirt a bit above the knee.  Using what they sell as an example, there is modest clothing everywhere.  OK, maybe not Victoria's Secret, but they sell underwear.  It would be different if they were clothes like Chloe Sevingy wore on Big Love - all buttoned up and dragging floor.   I know it shouldn't bother me and it doesn't much, but I think it is a marketing ploy to sell marginal looking clothes.  Because I don't dress provocatively, (well, not everyday, occasionally, once a year if I am lucky) and I buy my clothes from Target, J. Crew, Anthropologie and some local stores in my town.  I think most of what we wear is modest.  OK, I am losing steam with this one.  I got a little one who wants a princess book read to her.  Again.  That should be my next rant, how Little C has to wear her favorite red Belle dress every day.  Even after she has urinated in it. 

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