Friday, December 27, 2013

Merry Christmas To All, Can you Believe I had a Sick Night?

I guess that what happens when your an angry mommy right?  As someone who really doesn't enjoy the Christmas season, it seems only fitting that I would throw up all night and into Boxing Day.  I either ate too much rich food - (I really only eat meat and veggies, tons of food issues) or I had food poisoning or stomach flu.   The TMI is nothing digested.  To put a positve spin on it, I slept all of the 26th, meaning I made up all the sleep I missed out on prepping for Christmas.  And I have a UTI.  On Christmas Eve I called 2 of my doctors, neither were there so I hit the minute clinic.  I thought I might have a UTI, but I didn't have the normal symptoms.  Basically my kidneys hurt and I had some pelvic pressure.  I haven't had an infection in 20+ years.  I still am not sure how I got it.  I went through all the possible causes, and the only thing I can figure is last weekend I didn't use the loo after sex.  ONE TIME.  Seriously.  Aren't you glad you logged on to read this blog today?  

Other than all my Merry Medical Christmas issues, it was a pretty good holiday.  The girls loved visitng with the cousins (they were all home from various points around the world) and my sister (and her husband too) on Christmas Eve. Grandpa and his wife came over Christmas morning for a late breakfast.  Then my sister and her family came over for more fun with the cousins.  

I had plenty to rant about - you know, like the Barbie Mega Blocks my sister gave the Chicken had well over a billion pieces that I had to put together - but other than the sickness (at least no one else got it) I will let it all wash over me.  There were many moments that almost make Christmas worth it.  The dogs may have gotten into a fight, even though Santa brought each one of them a bone, but they only ripped my pants and only one dog was bleeding....  See Christmas miracles do still happen.

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