Saturday, December 28, 2013

Since I am on a roll....

I will just post again.  The Chicken has hads a fever for two days.  Not a high fever, just kind of a not-a lot-of -energy fever.   Both her and the Bub have runny noses.  I feel as if I am fighting it off.  You know, because I need another illness.  The Chicken had a bit of intestional upset tonight, so I am hoping that it was the only occurence, I don't want her (or me) having a bad night.  Really, I want everyone better so we can get out of the house.  I hate being couped up.  I didn't even dress today - just like my girls.

Apparently, after reading the last paragraph, I NEED to get out of the house.  I am losing my snark.  That and I am loing any desire to have sex.  Really not my usual self.

Here is a mini rant.  Why is it when Mr. Angry Mommy is with the kids, they find their own thing to do.  When it is just me, like we he went out to work in the garage and I sat down to do the Chickensbirthday  invites, the girls immediately need something.  Or this morning on his way out the door for bootcamp, they started whining and fighting?  I think they hate me.

There is much more to rant about including my sister and her double standardy ways.  But, if I am going to keep up this hot roll, I better save some material.

Like how my lovely neighbors put up the "ice arena" again.  Or how the husband goes out at 10pm to shovel it.  Why so late?  Because she is a shrew and he is escaping.  I just heard him scraping something outside.  At 9:50.  Come on, he couldn't do it when the sun was up?

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