Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Year, New Me?

Who am I kidding?  New Year, same old me.  I really don't do resolutions, because I am truly, constantly, trying to make changes.    I have three things  I work on daily.  Organization, less yelling at the kids, and spend more time with the girls.  You know I wanttt to be the Mom I see in internet-land.   The one that likes her kids, cries on the first day of school, instead of the last.  I have read all around blogland about blogger moms wanting to be more present with their kids instead of on their phonne all the time.  Is that just lip service you think?  I mean a lot of these women have already neglected their kids to build their blogs - or they've negglected their husbands by doing all the work after the kids go to bed.  I may neglect my kids, but it is usually to clean up their mess or do laundry, which is bascially the same thing.    I do not neglecr my husband.  After the girls go to bed is our time to hang, mostly watching a show, then a bath or shower, then if I am lucky, I get lucky.   Can't have a good marriage if stuff gets in the way of quality  time together.  And yes, watching Justified  is spending quality time together.  Watching car shows is not.  I hit the internet if that Chasing Classic Cars is on - YUCK!

Oher than the lack of resolutions, I have a headache.  I changed thyroid medicines today.  Is is that?  I am pre-menstruel? Sinus?  Who knows.  I did have my first mammogram today.  At 42.  Late yes, but since I just stopped nursing in May and have been nursing since Octiober 2006.  It wasn't bad.  I expected worse.  THe tech said I will pribably get a call becuase I have dense breasts.    No fat.  Is that good?  If you saw my boobs you'd say get some fat.  Because it took that poor woman minutes to find all the boob and shove it in the machine.   Some fat might help the shape.  Should this be my husband's rant?  ANyway, I didn't think it was that bad.  If anything the room was cold.  I think if you have to stick you boobs between plastic plates, the plates and the rroom should be warm.

Any other rants today?  Well, the kids finally went back to school.  Good or bad?  It was nice to have some quiet (well, actually, I got the mamogram and ran errands, so the car was quiet) but it was hell getting up this  morning.  HELL!  The good thing is all their extracurriculars started back up.  Chicken started karate today, so that gave me an hour to spend with Bubby, we did homework, but it was nice and calm.  Then I took Bubby to karate.  What a sport for girls huh?  This is the Bubs second session and Chick's first.  Bubs really likes it and Chicken had fun.  So a win.  It is nice that Bubby finally likes somesthing and she seems to do well at it.

Ok, time to clean the kitchen and wrap up the day. Not very ranty today am I?  I must be off from the headache.

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